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Where the Mercy is Optional!

Moonlight (Mercy) Hospital


A group of like-minded authors created the Moonlight Drama Series. The intent was to link their stories by location and events. Many characters interact throughout the stories, while others are mentioned in passing. Each headlining story can be read on their own. Lara G. Elmore wrote Janine and Starlight on Kindle Vella and is working to flip those stories to ebook and paperback


A solitary wolf.
A wayward brother.
Four interested men.
One large, intricate web of chaos to unravel.

Janine Fraise has been the head of public relations at Moonlight Mercy Hospital for the last six years. With a singular focus on work, she leads a solitary existence. Janine’s wolf, on the other hand, yearns for a true connection with pediatric surgeon Jalius Lobract. When Janine’s brother, Fitcher, moves in with her, she’s able to ignore her fiercely-guarded emotions, and the love she hides from.

Fitcher, looking to avoid rogue status, joins Janine to work at Moonlight Mercy. Dealing with his own struggles and a past trauma, Fitcher must show his pack he can turn his life around. When Fitcher gets caught up in Janine’s attempt to secure crucial investors with the future CEO, Tollak Carlson, his position at Moonlight Mercy is threatened.

With two investors, Brander Noctis and Maro Peliel, who are more interested in her than investing, a boss who reveals his true feelings, and a spurned lover, Janine will have to decide if she will continue to deny her true feelings or finally give into the blessings passed down by her goddess mother?


Snowed in at the place she loves with the men she wants to avoid at all costs,

Janine must fight for her brother the way he’s been fighting for her.

Janine is back and trying to surround herself with the safe haven her job provides. When she ends up snowed in with the men she’s trying to deny, will Janine be able to move forward and accept all four of her mates? Is that even what they want?

After taking impromptu time off to help his sister, Janine, Fitcher finds himself trying to avoid the supernatural women in his life. He’s navigating his new life well enough, though, with the help of Merick and Cayden. But when a memory from the past tests his resolve, the life Fitcher is trying to build comes crashing down.

Will Fitcher accept help and finally open up about his past, or will he risk losing everything? Can Janine help him while maneuvering her romantic relationships?

Content Information and Trigger Warnings

Wolf Born books are a why choose series following Janine and her brother, Fitcher, as they navigate their separate relationships and life at MMH. The series is a slow burn and corresponds to Janine: A Moonlight Hospital Drama on KindleVella.  MMFMM and MMF

There are instances of:

Harsh Language

PTSD / Mentions of past abuse

Violence / Graphic Content / Blood

Other Woman drama

Explicit Sex

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