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Manifested Rejection

Featured in Rejected by the Immortal Charity Anthology

A mate rejected

A mate revealed 

Four Manifestations to manage.

As a member of the Ebon Ash Clan ruling bloodline, Deja Dusk is more than ready to receive her fangs and vampire manifestations from their goddess, Nyx. Confident she will receive one or two manifestations, she’s ready to end the night with her fated mate, Malik Knight. 


Shockingly, Deja receives all four manifestations. The rest of the night is a disaster, and Malik rejects their bond, leaving Deja exiled and broken-hearted. 


In a surprising twist, years later, another man enters Deja’s life. With the pain of Malik’s rejection still fresh in her mind, Deja is hesitant, but can’t deny their connection. Ridley Donovan swears nothing would keep him from his mate, and the echoes of Deja’s past threaten to consume her.


Can Deja open her heart to Fate's chosen love, or will the fear of rejection hold her back from an eternity of happiness?

Please note the content warnings for Manifested Rejection


Sexually Explicit Situations

Off page (alluded to) Sexual Assault

Harsh Language

Coming Soon

More novellas following Deja, Ridley, and Malik

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