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Imogen Rose

The Immortuos of the Tri-State

A rose by any other name would still eat your brains out!

In the ten years since the modern world ended, Imogen has quietly rebelled against her father's quest for greatness. Never more than when she gives into her feelings for Dante, the son of the human faction leader.


When her father, as leader of the TriState Immortuos, makes a move against the humans, Imogen can either fall in line, or break all her father's rules to save Dante.


With one former lover on her side, and the other standing in her way, Imogen will find out if love is thicker than blood. Will it be enough to take on her father? Can she survive the betrayal?

Please note the content warnings for
Imogen Rose

Why Choose

War and Violent Themes

Harsh Language

This story has multiple love interests and at the end our heroine won't have to choose between them!

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