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Paranormal Rockstar Romances


A secret society of paranormal rock stars hiding in plain sight? Ridiculous.

Beyond the Veil isn't just a top record label, they're the only label catering to a specific type of musician. The kind that hide their true identities from the world. The truth is the biggest rock stars in the world aren't human. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and more, hiding in plain sight.


But with the label requiring a world tour to promote the release of their latest albums, these paranormal rock stars must learn to keep their secrets safe while being completely exposed on the stage.

When the stakes are this high, one misstep could mean disaster for everyone.

Beyond the Veil is a fast-paced shared world that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the music scene.

August and I have been working non-stop putting together my first mixtape, even as I worry no one will ever hear my music. Despite the connections August has as the son of a music mogul, his father refuses to sign me. I’m a shifter in a world where most humans don’t know the supernatural exists.

Determined to help me achieve my music dreams, August gets the DJ to play a few of my tracks in the most prominent nightclub in the city. The one owned by the notorious and alluring vampire, Ryson Noctis.

Ryson and his handsome tiger shifter friend, Timber Gates, take an interest in more than my music, ripping August and me apart in the name of fated mates.

Too bad the pair don’t know me. I won’t lose August, and I won’t submit to their claims of fate. As the tension grows between the four of us, passion ignites and I question if August is the only man I can love.

When Beyond the Veil, the leading record label in the supernatural world, approaches me with an offer, I’m intrigued. They want to represent me, and they even offer to help me reunite with August. With their help, I can have everything I’ve always dreamed of. All I have to do is reject my mate…

I have three loves in my life. My music, my inner lioness, and my human lover, August Landry. Lucky for me, he loves those things, too. And me. He loves me.

Content Information and Trigger Warnings

The Beyond the Veil books are a why choose series integrated into a much larger shared world. Lara's contribution follows the Gates siblings as they try to carve out a space in the paranormal music industry!


MMFM (Seyah/Wintah) and MFMMM (Braylen)

Trigger Warnings for Seyah:

Explicit Sex

Harsh Language

Dubious Consent

Sexy adult-knapping / Confinement

Violence / Graphic Content / Blood

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