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Admired by the Alphas

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Available in ebook and paperback

A new job.
A secret admirer.
A shocking revelation?

Nathifa Jones has started a new job at a law firm with her cousin. Barely a week in, she receives flowers from a secret admirer for Valentine's Day. Only they don't stop there. For months, she receives a potted flower and cannot figure out who is sending her the beautiful blooms and personalized notes.

When the admirer is not one man, but many, Nathifa is unsure how to respond, especially when she learns they're not exactly men. There's no doubt her job has come with more than she bargained for.

What will Nathifa do when she realizes she's being admired by the alphas?

Please note the content warnings for Admired by the Alphas

Reverse Harem

No Burn

Attempted Sexual Assault

Harsh Language

Prequel Novella

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Coming Soon

Due to popular demand, Admired by the Alphas is now a prequel to a duet! 

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