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Table for Three?

KindleVella Serial

When Grisella 'Grisa' Arcan joins her brother and his best friend, Daire Anson, at an event, she expects nothing more than hard work with a smile. But she catches the eye of Marcelo, who makes it his mission to woo Grisa. Too bad for Celo, Daire is also trying to lock things down with Grisa.
Torn between two men, one who's off limits, the other who keeps offending her by accident, Grisa decides she doesn't want to choose between them. Now she has to convince them to share.

Please note the following content warnings for Dark Releases

Why Choose


Slow Burn

Harsh Language

Fat Shaming (from non love interest)

This story is told in episodes and is complete. The first three episodes are free!

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