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Starlight: A Moonlight Hospital Drama

KindleVella Serial

"Oh, Star? She's so sweet!"

Starlight! Named by her mother, she was supposed to be the brightest mermaid in the sea. Only Star hasn't felt like the main character in her story for a while. After a close call with one of her mother's clients, she realizes the only way to be the lead is to grab life by the horns. Now all she has to do is hold on for the ride!


Follow Moonlight Hospital's favorite receptionist as she takes charge of her life, and follow the other stories in the world so you don't miss a thing! 


Please note the following content warnings for Starlight

Why Choose



Harsh Language

Attempted Sexual Assault

Medium Burn

Explicit Sex

This story is told in episodes released on a regular schedule. The first three episodes are free! This story is in progress.

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