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The Shadow Course

KindleVella Serial

Everyone in Mistshear is excited about the Shadow Course. Everyone except for Gemma.

Gemma Rardell has gotten away with putting off her registration by a year, but no more. Once she's accepted into the Shadow Course, she'll spend six weeks offering herself up to the mercy of the predators who protected the city. She expects to be ravished. The laperons will take their pleasure.

But, when one of Gemma's closest friends is found dead, she takes it upon herself to find the perpetrator.

Will Gemma be able to uncover the truth or will she suffer the same fate as her friend? 18+


Please note the following content warnings for Shadow Course

Why Choose

Graphic Content


Dubious Consent

Attempted Sexual Assault

Harsh Language

Medium Burn


Explicit Sex

This story is told in episodes released on a regular schedule. The first three episodes are free! This story is in progress.

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