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The first ten episodes are free through Amazon's Kindle Vella platform.

83 Episodes - ongoing

After a debilitating event, Janine is back and ready to return to the one constant in her life-her job. But she has more questions than answers regarding the four men who have rocked her foundation. Can she keep her eye on the prize? Does she know what the prize is?


Fitcher has been doing well at MMH, but the impromptu time off hurts him professionally. Can he smooth the waters and truly turn his life around?


Season 3 is here for the Fraise siblings in this shared world drama! 18+ for dark themes. MMFMM and MMF

61 Episodes - complete

It took the death of Tria Haines father for her to walk away from Blood Work ten years ago. She focused on caring for her younger brother Max and never looked back.


But now Max is sick with the same illness that killed their father and Tria is drowning in medical bills. Desperate for fast cash, she reaches out to her old contact and enters an auction.


Hoping her new clan will be better than the one in her past, Tria sets out to provide for her brother. And love is the last thing on her mind.



54 Episodes - paused

Seyah Osei, a struggling artist, is on the verge of her big break. With her best friend and lover, Augustus Landry, at her side, she records her first mixtape. But when Auggie pushes Seyah's music out into the world, is she ready for the attention it brings?


Just when Seyah reevaluates her priorities, the biggest label in the supernatural world offers her the recording contract she spent years working toward. The catch? Betray the men intent on claiming her heart. +18 MMFM

More titles coming soon!

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