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Janine: A Moonlight Hospital Drama

KindleVella Serial

Janine’s job is public relations at Moonlight Mercy Hospital, but it often tends to be more than that.

Throw in a wayward brother her mom has asked her to look out for, a lover who wants more than Janine can give, and two hot investors who are more interested in wooing Janine than being wooed by the hospital, and you’ve got yourself some drama. And that’s not including all the other wonderful stories in this supernatural world! 


If you ever wondered what Grey’s Anatomy meets Scandal would be like with a paranormal spin, this shared world is for you!

(Please note the story also follows Fitcher, Janine's brother)

Please note the following content warnings for Janine

Why Choose

Graphic Content


Depictions of PTSD

Explicit Sex

Harsh Language

Medium Burn


This story is told in episodes released on a regular schedule. The first three episodes are free! This story is in progress.

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