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The Grip of Destiny

KindleVella Serial

Please note this Vella is on hold and will continue sometime in the future.

Clemencia Pitney thought that she had buried any hope for a future with her people the day that she buried her mother. But as her 21st birthday draws near she realizes there is no escaping the grip of destiny. After eight years away from the community, she has a lot to catch up on. Luckily for her the men from her past are ready and willing to help. This Vella will include more than one love interest and in the end, Clemencia won't have to choose between them.


Please note the following content warnings for Grip of Destiny

Why Choose

Dubious Consent


Graphic Content

Harsh Language

Medium Burn

Explicit Sex

This story is told in episodes released on a regular schedule. The first three episodes are free! This story is in progress.

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