A Heart So Rare

Once Upon a Why Choose Series Book 1 (Set for re-release late 2022)

A murdered king. An evil queen. A kingdom in need...Snow White is alone.

The night of her mother's murder, her sister ran away to plot her revenge. Now her father is dead too. The number one suspect? Her stepmother, Queen Morana.
Faced with a marriage she doesn't want and a truth she cannot bear, Snow is forced to flee the castle, and reunites with her sister and seven handsome Fae.

Focused on taking back her throne, Snow finds herself bonding with more than one of the Fae males sworn to keep her safe as each one helps her prepare for the coming conflict with the Queen.

Will Snow White survive the Queen's wrath and become the leader her kingdom needs? Can she protect her heart in the process?

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Imogen the Zombie Girl

Part One

In the ten years since the modern world ended, Imogen has quietly rebelled against her father's quest for greatness. Nevermore than when she gives in to her feelings for Dante, the son of the human faction leader.


When her father, as leader When her father, as the leader of the TriState zombies, makes a move against the humans, Imogen must decide to fall in line or break all his rules and save Dante and the other humans.


Is Imogen's blood thicker than love? Will it be enough to take on her father? Can she survive the betrayal?


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