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Blood Work

KindleVella Serial - eBook/KindleUnlimited - Paperback

And while blood was the commodity, sex would always sell!

It took the death of Tria Haines' father for her to walk away from Blood Work ten years ago. With the help of a friend, she escaped the clutches of an evil clan, and focused on caring for her younger brother Max, never looking back.

But now Max is sick with the same illness that killed their father, and Tria is drowning in medical bills. She made him a promise she’s determined to keep, even if it drives a wedge between them.

Desperate for fast cash, she reaches out to her old contact and enters the Blood Work auction, older and hopefully wiser than before. The clan who wins the bid appears to be better than her last, but Tria holds onto her head. She nearly loses herself in the dream until they ask for more than she's willing to give. But dreams aren't often reality, and love is the last thing on her mind.

Please note the following content warnings for Blood Work

Why Choose

Graphic Content

Explicit Sex


Harsh Language

Fast Burn

Dubious Consent

This story is complete on KindleVella and upcoming to eBook, KindleUnlimited, and Paperback

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