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Blood Work

KindleVella Serial - eBook/KindleUnlimited - Paperback

A brother to save.
A profession she swore she'd never return to.
Four vampires who want to stake their claim.

Tria Haines barely survived the attention of an abusive clan of vampires ten years ago, and she swore she’d never go back to working stiffs again. Until Max is diagnosed with the same illness that killed their father, and Tria runs out of options. Reluctantly, and against Max’s wishes, Tria reaches out to her old contact and enters the Blood Work auction.

Not wanting to relive history, Tria sets a firm limit of two months' service as a safeguard to protect her if things go wrong with her vampire clients. The Potenza Clan wins her bid at the auction, and appear to be gentle and respectful, but they want more than blood and pleasure. They want commitment.

Tria is determined to keep the promise she made to her brother. Can she honor the promise, even if it drives a wedge between them and costs her a chance at happiness?

Please note the content warnings for Blood Work

Explicit Sex

Discussions of past abuse

Graphic Content

Fast Burn

Harsh Language


Dubious Consent

3+ Partner Play

This story is complete on KindleVella and available in eBook, KindleUnlimited, and Paperback

Praise for Blood Work

Georgie - Amazon Reviewer

"This was sweet and ever so spicy as Tria finds out the clan who purchases her services at a blood auction isn't as scary as she'd expected. The guys are amazing with each of them bringing something important to the clan. I super enjoyed how well they all fit together. Read it if you love reverse harem where everyone gets along together, spicy vampires who bite, plot with steam, instalove with a couple and reluctance with others, protective lovers (M and F), he falls first, and breaking through past trauma to learn to trust."
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