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A Machoro Family Novel

Previously published in 2020, Arranged is getting an update and will be re-released in late 2023.

Hana never thought she’d have a say in her marriage, or that she’d want one, for that matter. Until she knew the details…

Huhana Machoro knows what she wants out of life. She has a challenging and enjoyable career and is working on securing her dream home. The missing element? That fiancé her parents have been telling her about for as long as she could remember. She was fine waiting for him, though, for as long as it took for her parents to say she was ready.

That is until she meets Markim.

Markim is the sinfully handsome history teacher her best friend introduces her to on her thirty-first birthday, causing Hana to weigh the obligation she has to her parents, to the obligation she has to herself. Ignoring the warnings of her parents, Hana explores a relationship with Markim and finally feels full in her life.

And then her parents tell her it’s time to meet her betrothed…all three of them.

Curiosity and obligation lead Hana to meet with them, fully intending to find a way out of the arrangement. But these men have no intention of making it easy for her.

With her growing love for Markim and the confines of American Society pushing her to reject these men, Hana faces a choice. She knows she should follow her heart, but where does that lead… and what will it cost?

Please note the following content warnings for Arranged

Why Choose

Harsh Language

Fast Burn

Explicit Sex

Adult Themes

This story contains multiple love interests and our heroine will not have to choose between them in the end!


I'm not normally a fan of contemporary romance, however this book is fabulous!! I really enjoyed reading it and the character development is stunning. The scenes are very well written and keep you drawn in, and its definitely an emotional ride. The men are hot and for sure make for some super steamy scenes and I love the charter struggle and growth through exploring with her partner. It makes it more personal and allows for some real people struggles. Fantastic read and I can't wait to see what she does with the rest of the family.


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